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News BOUNTY! 1 100 000 BTW GIVEAWAY!
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BTW LEGION! :cool:

We increased the prize fund to 1 100 000 BTW!
BitWhite needs your support! We need this Victory!

The KuCoin competition has started and run until July 15th 18.00 UTC+8


1 000 000 BTW will be distributed between all participants who will send screenshot the dialogue with KuCoin Bot in this group

100 000 BTW will be sent out randomly to the 1 participant wallet.
News BTW Legion! Mobilization! 10.07.18.
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We want to inform you of the readiness to compete for listing on the KuCoin exchange!

KuCoin is included in the top exchanges on the CoinMarketCap, the daily volume of the exchange is $ 45 million. Link:

KuCoin is organizing a Vote For Your Coin action in TELEGRAM, we can...
News BTW LEGION! NEWS! 02.07.18.
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Greetings all! :)


1) Consensus updating in the transition process, some errors were found that could not be detected in the TestNet, we are now correcting them, (DPOS - it’s DPOS, have patience) 73 system nodes have been already removed, delegates took their places. We will decentralize the network as soon as possible.
After the stable operation of the entire network, we...
News BTW Army! News! 18.06.18.
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Hello friends! :)


1) 33 system delegates has been already removed now.

- You must restart the node after the network is fully synchronized. If you do everything correctly, you will see a message when you start the node:
Forging enabled on account: 9235945288512088231 (For example)

- You must use only Linux for forging

- Other 56 system delegates will be removed when enough candidates are synchronized

- 12 system delegates will...
Updates Network Updates! 15.06.18.
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Network Updates:

The update is downloaded to GitHub. All candidates for delegates - download updates and start synchronization.

How will the update take place?
- Delegates prepare their nodes (they synchronize and are ready to receive the entire network, synchronization will take 1.5-2 days)
- After synchronization, 30 system delegates will be disconnected at once -...
News BTW Legion! News 13.06.18.
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Hello guys! :)

* Technical Updates *

1. Consensus will be updated on Main net this Friday.
!Note: Beginning from Jun 15, don't perform any transaction a couple of days until we tell you. All delegates, please be ready by this time and
check that your nodes are running.

Description of Consensus New feature.
- The delegate rating will fall down, if the node stops working, by 0.01% every 101 blocks. The rating will be decreasing until inactive...
News BTW Army! News! 22.05.18.
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Hello to everyone! :cool:


1) Today is the birthday of one of our BTW family members, write a couple of warm words in the general chat rooms for our Anna Dragon! Happy Birthday Dragon!!!

2) Exchange "" — will add BTW (

We are moving forward and opening new horizons and we are...
News 11.05.2018. BTW DAO! News!
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Greetings! There has been no news for a 2 weeks, so let's start in order ! :)


1) Tests are successful, a critical error has been identified, we fixing this, wrote a bot that spam transactions, check the network for stability, after that we still want to continue tests, to be as confident in stable operation. + We will add an update that would lower the delegate's rating if its node...
11.05.2018. BTW DAO! News!.

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