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News BTW Army! News! 22.05.18.
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Hello to everyone! :cool:


1) Today is the birthday of one of our BTW family members, write a couple of warm words in the general chat rooms for our Anna Dragon! Happy Birthday Dragon!!!

2) Exchange "" — will add BTW (

We are moving forward and opening new horizons and we are...
News 11.05.2018. BTW DAO! News!
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Greetings! There has been no news for a 2 weeks, so let's start in order ! :)


1) Tests are successful, a critical error has been identified, we fixing this, wrote a bot that spam transactions, check the network for stability, after that we still want to continue tests, to be as confident in stable operation. + We will add an update that would lower the delegate's rating if its node...
11.05.2018. BTW DAO! News!.

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