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  1. btwalex

    News BTW DAO! News! 27.04.18

    BTW DAO! News! 27.04.18 1) Forum updated, all news will now be on the forum ( 2) Exchange "Octaex" — will add BTW ( 3) Android application updated. 4) Consensus still updating...
  2. btwalex

    Set of testers for updates of consensus.

    Set of testers for updates of consensus, the nodes will work only on Linux. Anyone who wants to participate in the tests - write in comments 1) Information about your skills in testing. 2) Telegram nickname. P.S. It will be good if you have experiance in bug founding, bug reporting, TC and...
  3. btwalex

    News Dear Friends! We have some good news for today.

    Dear Friends! We have some good news for today: 1) Android wallet is avaliable (alpha version) Feel free to write at the forum about bugs found! You can search in Play Market: BitcoinWhite 2) Desktop...
  4. btwalex

    Bank Ideas RULES - Read before posting a new topic

    Your idea should be, maximally deployed and understandable for each participant, please do not create new topics with one incomprehensible sentence, if the rules are not executed, you will be excluded from the bounty!
  5. btwalex

    Updates Disabling fraudulent wallets.

    We want to announce the update of the list of fraudulent accounts, as well as again warn, please stop cheating. We constantly monitor the activity of wallets, without meaningfully trying to get coins fraudulently! Delegates decided to stop processing transactions for these wallets.
  6. btwalex

    1% from all applications

    Friends ! What you think if every company/applications which wants to be built on BTW platform, will pay 1% from their profits into budget of BTW (DAO) ?
  7. btwalex

    AirDrop temporarily stops.

    Dear friends, we ran into unscrupulous registrations, auto registrations started, we to suspend AirDrop, for several hours to improve security. Algorithm Dpos assumes a system of delegates, delegates decided not to process fraudulent wallets, thereby those who received more than 300 BTW. All...
  8. btwalex

    Rules for posting in section Questions & Answers

    This section was created for questions and answers about Bitcoin White, please kindly request the competence to create queries.
  9. btwalex

    Rules for posting in section Technical Support.

    In this section, you can ask a question about the technical implementation of the project Bitcoin White, as well as if you have problems using our software, please kindly request the competence to create queries.
  10. btwalex

    Welcome to BTW community

    We are happy to welcome you here! And we would like to share with you the outcome of that huge job which was done for creating Bitcoin White project. We used all advantages of BTC and ETH and eliminated their shortcomings to create new ecosystem for DAPP and traditional web applications...
  11. btwalex

    Rules for posting and submitting a problems and bugs

    Dear friends, a huge request to report information about any problems / bugs found. 1. Which browser do you use? 2.The page where the error or bugs. 3.Mobile version or desktop. 4.Attach required screenshot of the error. Thank you very much for your understanding, respect your time, so is ours.