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    How to mine BitWhite? Can you please show me the detail?

    Hello devs, I read on coinmarketcap and notice this coin is mineable. Can you help me out and show me how can I mine BitWhite please? Thank you so much for your considering.
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    BREAKING News, Bitcointalk developer TROLLING with new Merit system.

    Merit - A definition of, Rich people become Richer, POOR people maintain POOR. The dev of bitcointalk has created a new trolling system call Merit. The definition of "Rich people become richer, poor people will be poor forever" begin to start. "sMerit" score trading's even happening now in...
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    What make BTW valuable and outstanding in this crypto-world?

    Dear devs, Can you let us know what make BTW more valuable and outstanding in this crypto-world? And tell us why would people want it badly? There must be something in different to make a coin valuable and standing on top in this crypto-world. Address: 13775700303669516120
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    Why don't you make a direct buy and sell website from fiat money to BTW? It will maximize BTW value.

    Dear devs, I have a suggestion for make BTW grow big. You certainly know Bitcoin is a default coin in crypto world. How can they be so big? There is a lot of website support it by let people buying/selling it from fiat currency, credit card, wire bank. It certainly is one of the reason...
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    BitcoinWhite team's on other field in Las Vegas?

    Dear devs, As the first time I see your team member, I am wondering why they are look so familiar. And bingo, I figure it out, and my question is: "Jabbawockeez, are they your brother? Because they are as cool as your project?" You can google their name, but I upload their photo in this.