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    Letter from Chinese Young Pioneers

    sorry,You must ensure that the number of BTW exceeds 2W; I can send 4 BTW to you or you buy BTW :)
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    Letter from Chinese Young Pioneers

    Dear community member, I am very happy that BTWChain is back on the runway and let us start again; Our servers are hosted on ALiBaBa and HuaWei, with 99.999% stability protection and 10M dedicated network access to ensure that the network is always available; Vote for us and we will send rewards...
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    本文章为节点运行最低需求;建议使用云主机,可以去阿里云、京东云等网站购买;国内国外都可以; 主机配置: 1、操作系统:Ubuntu 16.04 64bit 2、带宽:1M 3、内存:2G 4、CPU:1核 安装配置(云主机直接选择操作系统后登录即可,下列配置按照顺序逐行复制粘贴即可): 1、sudo apt update 2、apt list —upgradable 3、sudo apt full-upgrade 4、cd /opt 5、git clone 6、cd BTWChain 7、sudo...
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    Delegate name: blankwu pls_vote_for_me

    Delegate name: blankwu pls_vote_for_me
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    Bitwhite Mining node deploy and running

    All operations are referred to official documents Public network IP Ubuntu 16.04 64bit System Dual-core CPU 2GB memory 2MB bandwidth 1, install the basic environment 01: sudo apt-get install curl sqlite3 ntp wget git libssl-dev openssl make gcc g++ autoconf automake python...
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    Set of testers for updates of consensus.

    1.RHCA 2.CCIE R&S 3.HCIE R&S @blank_wu
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    How to get it 10% of the delegate's income?

    How BTW algorithm will work after consensus updates: - 10% of the delegate's income will be distributed to those who vote for him (for candidates) - The size of the candidate's income depends on the weight of the candidate's vote - The weight of the vote depends on the number of coins in the...
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    Bounty plan for long-term holders of BTW

    It sounds pretty good; However, the development of new applications is the most important;
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    目前区块链的匿名性是各个国家所担心的问题,因为无法追踪交易者的身份; 黑市和不法交易是非常需要制止的,因为这个全球的危机,BitcoinWhite有方法来处理KYC问题么?
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    Bitcoin White有什么优点?

    1、在当前火热的加密世界有很多的区块链项目,Bitcoin White有什么创新可以吸引更多的社区人员? 2、Bitcoin White的权力下放怎么实现? 我的bitcoin white钱包地址:2351730218997169930
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    BitWhite Fans , China People

    BitWhite Fans , China People
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    BTW Chinese Community - Bitcoin White Supporter from China This is the Chinese community I created. I will continue to forward official news. Let's fly to the moon with Bitcoin White;;););)
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    Open the Chinese market

    BTW team, I am a trading platform operator; I hope to cooperate with you for BTW exchange; If you agree, please reply me;
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    Telegram Stickers

    ^_^ I like my wallet :2351730218997169930
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    error ?

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    The advice from an investor, most people think so!!!

    We can also discuss this topic:
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    BTW Development: Please choose what you think is the most important thing!

    Make your choice;;)
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    The advice from an investor, most people think so!!!

    Q: How to pull more investors attention? A: More news promotion. At present, China has a huge market, or it can create a Chinese community, create a WeChat group to attract Chinese investors, cooperate with Telegram channel and promote it, and I can help:); Q: How to promote the price increase...
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    Project hot spots

    Good or bad about a project roadmap can be the perfect embodiment; I would like to ask when BTW GitHub on the line?:)
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    比特币中常见的几种攻击(Several common attacks in Bitcoin)

    比特币已经成功运行了8年多,期间经历过各种各样的程序bug和安全攻击。今天我们来认识一下存在于比特币网络中的几种常见的攻击。 1、51%攻击 51%攻击(51% Attack)是指攻击者控制了全网一半以上的算力,在这种情况下攻击者可以制造任何想要的结果,例如双花。当出现分歧时比特币网络以最长的一条链为最终的区块链(best blockchain),因为攻击者控制着51%以上算力,总是可以制造出更长的一条链。此时整个网络就被破坏了,网络里的交易都不值得信任。 所有区块链系统都要求至少一半以上的节点或算力是诚实的(Most majority...