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  1. nirmal

    for bounty first register by doing /register ( your btw wallet ) ( email )

    By doing this process u can join for bounty
  2. nirmal

    free ICO ends on 14 dec

    Free ICO ends that's why /airdrop not working
  3. nirmal

    airdrop not working

    Why airdrop not working
  4. nirmal

    Hi BTW user

    Hi BTW user
  5. nirmal

    what we have to do in btw forum

    Can anyone explain about BTW forum
  6. nirmal

    price of 1 btw after 1 year

    Here i just want to see price of 1 btW = 20000 $ ,are u agree if agree then participate in poll
  7. nirmal

    What is your BITCOINWHITE price projection for 2018

    No no it should be 100$ but my wishes for BTW to be for 1000$