1. H

    Discount System with Freezed Funds

    The problem: The essence is that since the delegates receive a passive income, they will accordingly want to withdraw part of the funds for promotion and for their personal expenses. This process is permanent. With a certain periodicity, delegates are forced to sell part of their assets, thereby...
  2. Montrezor

    Настройка ноды, подробная инструкция

    Здравствуйте. Я подготовил подробное, иллюстрированное руководство по установке ноды делегата BitcoinWhite на виртуальный сервер под управлением ОС Ubuntu 16.04. Если вы никогда не сталкивались с нодами и мастернодами и не собираетесь становиться делегатом, данное руководство, наверняка...
  3. karlcloy

    My Thread about Bitcoin White Gone Viral

    I Published a post on about BitcoinWhite on the Alternate cryptocurrencies under speculation section and my Thread went Viral you guys can also visit my Thread, we know that is a big community and there are important people there that have influence and big...
  4. P

    bitcoinwhite bot kicked me from telegram group, please help

    first, i already joined bitcoinwhite community when airdrop running until now, also, i was joined to both telegram (bitcoinwhite global and bitcoinwhite asia) but today, i get kicked, i just say hello and then i cant access all btw telegram, the message is " sorry this group is not accessible"...
  5. H

    Bitcoin White

    For future with Bitcoin White
  6. fatih karabiber

    Bitcoinwhite for my videos

    1- 2- 3- my adress : 11269461489613714847
  7. T

    Exchange platforms bitcoin white

    In any platforms will be offered bitcoin white for exchange? 10581908600630074530
  8. Ç

    A Great Bounty Idea

    Tükçesi aşağıda / Turkish below Hi there, As we all wish...We want everybody to hold on to their BitcoinWhite's and not sell them as soon as they're out, so the prices wont drop and go higher. I strongly recommend the BitcoinWhite team to consider a Bounty system which checks user wallet...
  9. serkan78

    Making Payments with BitcoinWhite in E-Commerce Transactions ..

    Today, shopping is mostly done by e-commerce and it is getting even more. Crypto currencies are especially suitable for spending money on the internet with low fees and fast processing. As the number of available options increases, the number of businesses increases. There are many cryptographic...
  10. Teodor a

    I've shared the news on Thank you very much for the air drop
  11. J

    BitcoinWhite wallet with built-in Debit Card that earns interests and rewards

    This will minimize dumping of BTW coin in the exchange. Interests in the form of BTW coins are given to those who will hold BTW coins on their wallet for a certain period of time. Also, BTW coin rewards are given to wallets that gains or accumulates more BTW coins. The Android/IOS wallet will...
  12. Teodor a

    Bitcoin White is the Future

    We are very lucky to be the early birds of this great Cryptocurrency Bitcoin White The Community of Bitcoin White is one of the strongest in the whole Cryptocurrency World Much love Your loyal friend and Future BTW Holder
  13. Johnny4real

    Vote in the option(s) you wish to experience on BitcoinWhite Platform.

    Vote in the option(s) you wish to experience on BitcoinWhite Platform
  14. Johnny4real

    2% monthly bonus for BTW holders

    Monthly 2% bonus will encourage investors to hold on to BTW, and this will make it easy and flexible for BTW to moon as there will be minimal number of dumpers.