1. btwfondago

    News BTW Legion! Mobilization! 10.07.18.

    Hello!:) Announcement: We want to inform you of the readiness to compete for listing on the KuCoin exchange! KuCoin is included in the top exchanges on the CoinMarketCap, the daily volume of the exchange is $ 45 million. Link: KuCoin is organizing a Vote For Your Coin...
  2. H

    Discount System with Freezed Funds

    The problem: The essence is that since the delegates receive a passive income, they will accordingly want to withdraw part of the funds for promotion and for their personal expenses. This process is permanent. With a certain periodicity, delegates are forced to sell part of their assets, thereby...
  3. Montrezor

    Настройка ноды, подробная инструкция

    Здравствуйте. Я подготовил подробное, иллюстрированное руководство по установке ноды делегата BitcoinWhite на виртуальный сервер под управлением ОС Ubuntu 16.04. Если вы никогда не сталкивались с нодами и мастернодами и не собираетесь становиться делегатом, данное руководство, наверняка...
  4. Alex Supertramp

    BTW / Cüzdan / Şifre / Transfer / DPOS / Delegelik / Oy Verme ve dahası

    Telegram grubumuzda ara sıra güncelleyerek paylaştığım yazılarımı foruma da taşımaya karar verdim. Tüm yazıların sonunda belirttiğim gibi Dev-team'de yer almadığımı, admin olmadığımı ve teknik konulara çok da hakim olmadığımı bilmenizi isterim. BTW ile ilgili tüm yazılarım, bugüne kadar web...
  5. maninjau

    BitcoinWhite cryptocurrency

    Bitcoin White Decentralized Application Platform Bitcoin White makes it easy to create and deploy decentralized applications on application store where normal users can download Mainnet Wallet ICO & Airdrop (completed) Windows wallet - node server Full automatical installation: x86...
  6. A

    Btw feature

    What makes btw different from other coins and how people would believe that it's not a scam ? Adress : 9530547599788263645
  7. Dragontrailxx

    BTW will be on trading platform?

    Hello! I want to know that BTW in the future will intend to list on any trading platform? The markets are of great significance to a Crytocurrency. Just like bitcoin, the major trading floors support the currency which makes its market soar. I hope that BTW comes later but it will excel...
  8. DaveDavid

    Will there be...?

    Will there be a face reveal of the developer's team in the future? #strongbelieverofthisproject
  9. K

    Can you take on bitcoin cash ??

    Crypto currency market is all about establishing trust. Bitcoin have an huge trust. Bitcoin cash is trying to build trust. They eventually try to downgrade our project. What's your plan to tackle them ?? BTW ADDRESS : 9244383034131759026
  10. Ö

    BTW vs. money

    Maybe in the future BitcoinWhite can take place of money on the world.
  11. R


    Is bitcoin white team is goin to introduce btw in future?
  12. E

    Which coin markets will you join?

    Dear Sir/Madam Which coin markets will you enter? In my country most popular coin web sites are bitfinex and binance. Hope to see btw in as much as market. Thx in advance.
  13. O

    Will it be a seminar?

    I really believe in this project. I know that you will come to good places in the future. Will there be any seminars in countries or not? btw: 11130606166457763024
  14. E

    The Delegates system

    Delegates system activated ! This is documentation about Delegates and installation Linux Node: Application code Node for Linux: Application code Node for Windows...
  15. H


    With btw, can we get bread in the future? btw wallet: 10781991542413207117
  16. crypto.titus

    Novice Question

    I have just got into this cryptocurrency world and before my very first trade which was 8 days ago to be exact as of this writing, I spent a lot of hours reading and watching; basically trying to understand and educated myself with a lot of sleepless hours after work. Part of that learning...
  17. fiko33

    What is the aims of BTW project in the near future ?

    What is the aims of BTW project in the near future ?
  18. Ç

    A Great Bounty Idea

    Tükçesi aşağıda / Turkish below Hi there, As we all wish...We want everybody to hold on to their BitcoinWhite's and not sell them as soon as they're out, so the prices wont drop and go higher. I strongly recommend the BitcoinWhite team to consider a Bounty system which checks user wallet...
  19. Rıdvan Kaya

    Who's Mr. White?!

    I'm waiting for your esteimates guys! Who can be Mr. White?? MyWallet: 8104664747530650258
  20. Abu Abaye

    BTW Own Chain Exchange (like etherdelta of ethereum chain)

    Hello BTW Community Another Idea another benefit!! First, lets look at what Ethereum did to it own sidechain! Etheruem provide a simple, cheap and easy token listing exchange to any token create under it which help, simplify and attract alot of developers to build on its chain.. This reason...