1. btwfondago

    News BTW LEGION! NEWS! 02.07.18.

    Greetings all! :) NEWS: 1) Consensus updating in the transition process, some errors were found that could not be detected in the TestNet, we are now correcting them, (DPOS - it’s DPOS, have patience) 73 system nodes have been already removed, delegates took their places. We will decentralize...
  2. btwfondago

    News BTW Legion! News 13.06.18.

    Hello guys! :) * Technical Updates * 1. Consensus will be updated on Main net this Friday. !Note: Beginning from Jun 15, don't perform any transaction a couple of days until we tell you. All delegates, please be ready by this time and check that your nodes are running. Description of...
  3. btwfondago

    News BTW Army! News! 22.05.18.

    Hello to everyone! :cool: News: 1) Today is the birthday of one of our BTW family members, write a couple of warm words in the general chat rooms for our Anna Dragon! Happy Birthday Dragon!!! 2) Exchange "Fubt.top" — will add BTW (https://www.fubt.top) We are moving forward and opening new...