Articles 06.08.2018. Anonymity as one of the best values of crypto.


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Anonymity as one of the best values of crypto.

In digital networks, anonymity is the lack of evidence that can reveal the true identity, social details and location of someone. To increase privacy, each person could create as many public addresses as they like, making it difficult to link transactions to the same person.

Looking at the way the public sectors of our government is run today, you will find out that most of the problems humans create for himself is out of our own personality. There is a saying that goes like this:

“We are captives of our own personalities, living in the prison of our own identities”.

This is the reason why there are different classes of people in the world today.

The bodyguards.
These are trained men and woman whose duty it is to protect the lives of the wealthy and influential people. How can you say you have freedom when you are under watch 24/7?

The bosses.
These are those who need the bodyguards. Those who are followed around like criminals on a deathrow.

The ordinaries.
Simply put it this way, “the anonymous… No one cares about these set because no one knows them. Some of these are the same influential people who choose to live the life of a simple fellow. Like the secrete agents. This is what anonymity bring with blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is the life that crypto offers to everyone. Even the wealthy. We don’t have to submit our info to anyone.

There are numerous benefits that cryptocurrency comes with and we cannot ever overemphasise any of them in our world today. However, anonymity is the one I choose to discuss in this article.

When no one knows about you then no one cares about what you are. This is the same principle that the secret service use to a great effect. No one sees them coming. These are influential people holding very sensitive offices but live their lives behind an unknown identity. This is because they do not want to be prisoners of their identities.

In a centralised community like the world has run for decades now we have a lot of cases and nearly all the cases we end up giving out all the information about us to an unknown personality. Someone who we know nothing about has every information about us including that of maternal and paternal details. This makes us real prisoners even though we are still able to move around. These details can be used against us in many ways than one. Not forgetring that sometimes we don’t get what we want on merit but on record of what others have done in the past. Visas are denied, suspicions are raised, rights are deprived just because of the unnecessary details of you that has been given to someone who hasn’t even seen you. Many times we don’t even get to be heard.

I am fighting very hard not to broaden the topic and talk about the things surrounding cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, we cannot play down the blockchain who is the parent of cryptocurrency. However, for the sake of the risk that comes with our identities being in public places, we may begin to understand that staying in the shadows is the best thing for cryptocurrency. If we go on and “currupt” anonymity in crypto we will end up running like the CENTRAL BANKS. Decentralization is the way, anonymity is the path, blockchain is the hub.

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