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Javascript and Blockchain

BTW platform is based on Javascript, a popular programming language. Why Javascript?

This language becomes more and more universal. At the beginning it was a language for creating UI part only, but now it is advanced language that used for backend, frontend, mobile applications, games and also for implementation of blockchain. It is regularly updated and provides new functions.

This language is easy to learn and doesn’t require a high threshold of knowledge to get the basics. There is a huge knowledge base in the Internet and alot of examples how to use. Besides, there are many online lessons for studying blockchain.

Despite simplicity, Javascript can provide a high level of security. This language is available in almost all modern browsers. You can create applications and be sure that they will work equally on any hardware.

Javascript allows you to create open source applications that are completely transparent, which is key to the trust and the success of the application. Records that were added into the block, can no longer be removed from it. Now it is always clear what was done and when.

Javascript is already used in many blockchain projects and has proven itself as a flexible and universal instrument. Ethereum uses Web3 and API that simplifies the integrate of JS into projects based on blockchain. Morever, the NPP Truffle package is added to manage contracts and write tests. Metamask, plugin for browsers on the basis of Google Chrome, that is a bridge between the nodes of the blockchain and the browser, is also used by Web3. Game, which allows you to create armies and organize battles on the blockchain Ethereum.

The idea of creating decentralized applications is gaining popularity every year. These applications don’t have centralized databases, that can be disabled or stolen. It’s no possible to made them unavailable by disabling the server physically. There is no part that owns them territorially. They can not be forbidden, censored or imperceptibly changed for causing harm. They are accessible and reliable.

In the BTW platform, this will be realized through a sidechain, that runs near the main blockchain. Each project will have its own space, which will not be affected by other projects. Active using will not slowdown the work of main chain or other projects. In addition, this will ensure the security of the application, because it can not be influenced from outside.

Javasript is a universal, modern, high-level and interpreted programming language, that’s why BTW team chose it.