Articles 10.05.2018. DAO. Why do we need decentralized organizations?


Beep Boop
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DAO. Why do we need decentralized organizations?
Thanks to the DAO, decentralized autonomous organizations, the usual economic organizational relations are taking a back seat. Get up early in the morning to go to work? Attend mandatory weekly meetings? Tolerate the mood swings of the management ? All this remains in the past thanks to a new kind of organization based on the blockchain. In DAO there is no vertical management scheme, all participants are equal. In such an organization there are no chiefs, lawyers, accountants, the board of directors.

The DAO consists of coin holders, each of them has the right to vote. Coin holders can make a common vote for a particular project, which may be necessary for the community, and also participate in voting for projects.

Now You can see how the BitWhite platform projects are being formed — translators, administrators, developers, representatives are invited. Projects for execution are created and will be created in the future. For example, translation of the official site into different languages, or maintaining order in social groups.
Projects can be payable. For these purposes, there is a DAO wallet in BitWhite, which receives 40% of new coins obtained through the work of delegates. Funds from this purse will be directed to the development of BTW, and it will be paid projects. Among the points of the road map, you can see the development of the DAO module — an automated system, through which the community will create effective solutions and manage the budget.

Is there anything in common between the DAO and the delegate system? Of course. The owners of coins, who are ordinary citizens of the BitWhite community, have the right to vote. As coin owners thanks to voting influence the choice of delegates, they will also affect DAO projects. The community can choose executors, as well as executives for projects. All this will be available thanks to the automation built into the BitWhite system.

Decentralized autonomous organizations are able to rally people to achieve common goals. Thanks to the blockchain, it will be transparent solutions, each step of which will remain forever in the chain. For decision-making, directors, financiers and lawyers will not be required. All actions will be decided by the community.

Join the development of BitWhite, join the proposed projects. Welcome to DAO!