News 11.05.2018. BTW DAO! News!

Greetings! There has been no news for a 2 weeks, so let's start in order ! :)


1) Tests are successful, a critical error has been identified, we fixing this, wrote a bot that spam transactions, check the network for stability, after that we still want to continue tests, to be as confident in stable operation. + We will add an update that would lower the delegate's rating if its node is disabled regardless of the votes. Remember that development is always a process of finding errors and fix them, finding and fix. Work on consensus will be at least during this month, but yes, we will try to do it quickly.

2) The distribution of remuneration for translations and the supervision of translators and administrators for those applications that you filled out for DAO will be carried out by “Anna Dragon”. She will write to you. Applications for external developers and representatives will be carried out personally by Dev.Team + Representatives who are already available.

3) Several representatives have returned from business trips, BitWhite is beginning to work not only in development but also in real application + in marketing, next week the formation of marketing groups will begin. Be ready.

P.S. Representatives, external developers will also be added to the site. Representatives will have to be public people, remember this, external developers can be anonymous, if you want to work as a group of external developers and be anonymous, we recommend selecting the group name and appearance. Answers to the applications of the representative and external developers will also begin next week.

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