News 27.07.18. Bounty program for listing on Coinex.

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BTW news 27.07.2018. Bounty program for listing on Coinex

We have a chance to be listed on Coinex! Coinex is on top 10 exchanges with high daily volume.

Rules for voting:
• Minimum of 500 votes is needed to be considered for listing. ONLY verified accounts can vote.
• ‎We can only vote BTW once per verified account.
• ‎1CET is needed to vote for BTW
• ‎No deadline to cast the minimum votes of 500

Bonuses are available for the FIRST 500 voters!
100BTW and 1CET for voting will be given to FIRST 500 voters.

What do we have to do now?
1. For those who don’t have a Coinex account, signup using this link
2. ‎Verify your account with your ID. Wait for your account to be verified by Coinex Team.
3. ‎Click this link to vote for BTW in Coinex
4. ‎Once your vote is done, send your Coinex email and screenshot of vote to this group chat @BTWCoinexVoting

Representatives in charge of Coinex voting:
@kotominekirei voting questions
@globaltrader07 communication partner for CoinEx.

Coinex Telegram: @TheCoinEx
Coinex Voting Campaign Group: @BTWCoinexVoting

Best regards,
BitWhite team

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