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Your idea should be, maximally deployed and understandable for each participant, please do not create new topics with one incomprehensible sentence, if the rules are not executed, you will be excluded from the bounty!
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Sir i got blocked from the btw community group of telegram.Please help me out.please unblock.i said sorry for the affiliated message sent by mistake.i beg
This is a good project I can tell. But to be honest I'll love if bitcoin whitw can make the project a raw hunt to Africa community. With the help of BTW the let the rural areas in the world be heard with the help of getting a stable community between the rural area and the world. Let BTW be the source of payment while making the communities heard.
The key you need to do is open a website that is allowed people to buy BTW with their credit card and fiat currency (bank deposit, wire transfer). And you also can add bitcoin, litecoin into that website.
In that way, BTW will be more easier to reach by the investors. And as a chain BTW price will go up, another country will adapt BTW as a new worldwide cryptocurrency as BTC.

This is my BTW address: 13775700303669516120

Thank you for considering my opinion.