Bit-z Listing attempt by community effort

Important Update
Hi guys
Bit-z has a 24hr trading volume of 300m+
Community is currently implementing a plan to make a trial to list on bit-z. But we need cooperation of entire BTW army to do this.
If you have level 3 verified account on bit-z please contact @Fondago on Telegram to add your account to record.
If we get up to 2000 accounts with level 3 verification on bit-z we can make plan to try for btw list there.


Beep Boop
Staff member
At the moment we have 119 people with 409 acc 3 lvl.
Guys, those who havent yet registered, a convincing request to do so and pass the verification of the 3rd lvl and dont forget write me PM in Telegram (@Fondago).

Best regards,