Bitwhite Mining node deploy and running


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All operations are referred to official documents

Public network IP

Ubuntu 16.04 64bit System

Dual-core CPU

2GB memory

2MB bandwidth

1, install the basic environment 01:

  • sudo apt-get install curl sqlite3 ntp wget git libssl-dev openssl make gcc g++ autoconf automake python build-essential libtool libtool-bin -y
2, install the basic environment 02: (because of the development based on nodejs)

3, install the basic environment 03: (install nodejs)

  • nvm install node 8
    node --version
    It should be noted here that many sources will install version 9, but BTW only supports version 8, so if your node --version shows version 9, you need to execute the following command:
    nvm use 8
    node --version
    At this point you should see that the node version has changed to 8, but this is a temporary change and needs to be executed every time. Therefore, you need to uninstall version 9, execute the following command:
    nvm uninstall 9
    node --version
  1. Download and install the node node:
5, modify the configuration file config.json:

  • vi config.json
    Just changes
    "publicIp": "Enter Your IP"
    "secret": ["Enter Your secret key"]
6, run the node node:

  • The default official execution command is node index.js, but after I tried it, there will be many bugs in the operation of this instruction, and it cannot be put in the background. If your terminal is disconnected, the process will be killed; After communicating with the official developers, I propose to execute the following instructions-
    npm install -g forever
    forever start index.js
    After the execution is completed, a debug.log file will be generated under BTWChain/logs by default. You can view the running status of node through this file, for example, block synchronization information.
If you have problems while deploying, you can follow the thread or find me at TG;

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