News BitWhite Photon | 18.09.18.

BitWhite Photon

As you have been already heard, we are preparing important changes in the existing network architecture. Currently, the active work is under way to create a new update “BitWhite Photon”, you can follow the progress on Github

BitWhite Photon
Throughout the development of the platform, we have encountered many difficulties related to JavaScript and the insufficiently good architecture embedded in the core of logic. We see a significant decrease in the speed of the network because of this, it does not suit us and we have to think more and more about how to improve the current situation.

BitWhite Photon as a revolutionary step to a truly bright future promises us a new protocol (Photon), which will combine dpos, pos, pow and dag. Photon does not talk only about the census of the current code in a new language, it talks about writing a new protocol. We want to create an infrastructure in which the processing of transactions will be handled only by those who really need it, thereby relieving delegates to a minimum. Despite all, we want to act honestly, so that delegates still pretend to be the managers of the network, we do not want to take away their reward and honor from them. In addition, delegates are the guarantee of decentralization of the project.

Why GO?
It is difficult to find a language that would be both fast and simple enough for DAPP developers. Golang is the best option, because it runs tens of times faster than JavaScript and was developed by Google for its not very experienced programmers. Go is good not only with a rich set of built-in libraries, but also by imposing a single style and recommendations for good code, just read about gofmt.

In addition to slow JavaScript, we faced with the problem of SQLite (the database that is currently used). Despite the power of your server, this database still specializes in small sites or client bases with a small information flow. In our situation, even the update of information about the feasts of our delegates becomes a problem, and during a closed investigation we found that SQLite updated about 10 records per second during the network operation. It’s too slow, because sometimes we need to do it much faster. Therefore, we are looking towards a hybrid with two databases, one of them must be superfast, for example RocksDB or LevelDB, these low-level NoSQL databases run hundreds of times faster.

In any case, all this will allow creating an efficient and high-speed ecosystem in which a large number of programs can simultaneously work, a platform with which it will be comfortable for both developers and users.

Alpha release
First alpha release of Photon Protocol has been already appeared on Github.
This version is intended for developers, internal testing, but if you want you can download the archive and try the Protocol on your hardware.

Now it’s just a demonstration of the performance of the future system, the ability to send JSON-RPC requests and get the expected answers. However,this is a demonstration that Photon is already in working version.

The types of queries are described here and examples of responses are provided as well.

If you find any issues, please describe them here.

Best regards,
BitWhite team

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