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- 1) Create the video with yourself or with friends, where you say: “I am part of BitcoinWhite”/”I am part of BitcoinWhite too”/”And I am too”/”We are part of BitcoinWhite”.

o Video must be with pretty background.

o Send it to our email [email protected] + indicate the number of your wallet

The best videos will be montage in our big video !

You also get 50 BTW for participation and 1000 BTW+ if you will get on the main video.

Contest will run until November 30
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Me and my 5 friends made a video, we travelled 70km. for this. But it's only a 4 seconds video. Is it qualified?

I think I have the best background.
4 Seconds is not enough i Guess...
What's the point of travelling 70 Miles for making a video of 4 seconds LOL.

Still, Can you please share the link to video?