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1) 33 system delegates has been already removed now.

- You must restart the node after the network is fully synchronized. If you do everything correctly, you will see a message when you start the node:
Forging enabled on account: 9235945288512088231 (For example)

- You must use only Linux for forging

- Other 56 system delegates will be removed when enough candidates are synchronized

- 12 system delegates will stay for core team

- Don't make transactions from/ to exchanges untill network is working based on delegates nodes. For this will be additional anounsment.

- All BTW that was forged on system delegates will go to DAO wallet (DAO Wallet: 18090897788582311190)

The update is downloaded to GitHub. All candidates for delegates - download updates and start synchronization.

How will the update take place?
- Delegates prepare their nodes (they synchronize and are ready to receive the entire network, synchronization will take 1.5-2 days)
- After synchronization, 30 system delegates will be disconnected at once - their delegates will take their place.
- If all delegates are active and ready to accept the network, the following system delegates will be disconnected for 10-20 per day.
- Remember! The first week in the main network, during updates and after updates, consider the test, do not transfer large amounts during the first week.
- In the case of force majeure, the entire network will be backed up by 907 888 block

- There must be at least 70 candidates synchronized with the network by Monday
- All Candidates come to this group: @btw_delegates

Reminder: We announce additional set for Representatives.

Their mission is the development of BTW in own country or region.

Main responsibilities of representatives:
1. Advance and protect the interests of the entire BTW community on their region.
2. Develop and supervise a local BTW community.
3. Conduct the necessary negotiations, for example with funds, stock exchanges, investors, companies, private person, government agencies and all the others who will be interested in working with the BitWhite project and using BTW.
4. Promote the use of BTW.
5. Publicly speak at various conferences and Mitapahs.

Here is the form for Represantative request:

External Devs request:

Admins request:

Our official Bitcointalk thread:

Reminder: Documentation. Delegates + FAQ:

Main corps:
BTW Corp 1: @BTW_Community
Please speak only English in BTW Corps!

BTW Tech Support: @BTW_support

Local Chats:
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