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1) Today is the birthday of one of our BTW family members, write a couple of warm words in the general chat rooms for our Anna Dragon! Happy Birthday Dragon!!!

2) Exchange "" — will add BTW (

We are moving forward and opening new horizons and we are pleased to announce our partnership with the Hong Kong Exchange FUBT.

From now on, FUBT is our official partner. We are planning a lot of work together with the team of FUBT professionals, which cares about reliability, stability and satisfaction of the customers need. We are sincerely happy to work with them!

Official website FUBT exchange -
Official Telegram group -

Listing BTW on the FUBT exchange in Hong Kong
Availability of wallets for replenishment: May 22 from 10:00 (Hong Kong UTC +8)
Availability of BTW trades: May 23 15:00
From 23 May 15:00 to 26 May 18:00 will be a large distribution of coins (Rich Bit)

Event Object: Hong Kong FUBT User

Event Details:
1. Optimal Buy
Buy 1,000 BTW to get 1300 BTW. (Total 50,000 coins and each user can only participate once)

2. First-come-first-served basis
After the event began, more than 1000 BTWs were buy in the first 30 minutes, each user was rewarded 300 BTW. (Total 50,000 coins and each user can only participate once)

3. Invitation Event
The registered user used the personal invitation code to successfully invite the new user, the user was invited to register successfully, and the valid certification was completed, and set fund password. (Total 100,000 coins)
- Successfully invited 10 users to send 500 BTW
- Successfully invited 30 users to send 2000 BTW
- Successfully invited 80 users to send 6000 BTW

1. FUBT will conduct rigorous investigation of duplicate or false accounts. Once it is discovered, the platform will not give registration and share activities rewards;
2. Transaction BTW fee free during the event; rewards will be issued within 5 working days after the end of all activities;
3. The final interpretation of the activity is owned by Rich Bit.

3) Consensus updates in work, we will try get updates before the end of month

We announce additional set for Representatives.

Their mission is the development of BTW in own country or region.

Main responsibilities of representatives:
1. Advance and protect the interests of the entire BTW community on their region.
2. Develop and supervise a local BTW community.
3. Conduct the necessary negotiations, for example with funds, stock exchanges, investors, companies, private person, government agencies and all the others who will be interested in working with the BitWhite project and using BTW.
4. Promote the use of BTW.
5. Publicly speak at various conferences and Mitapahs.

Here is the form for Represantative request:

External Devs request:

Admins request:

Our official Bitcointalk thread:

Reminder: Documentation. Delegates + FAQ:

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BitWhite team

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