News BTW Army! News! 23.08.18



1) All exchanges are enabled now, except Sistemcoin and Fubt. We are still waiting for a signal from these exchanges about possibility to deposit/withdraw. Sistemcoin is carrying out their own system updates. Once, they are ready and notify us, we will inform you.

2) After starting the decentralization of the network, we faced with different difficulties and made a huge amount of updates in the initial code. Even so, we couldn't achieve the desired result and decided to prepare cardinal changes in the existing network architecture.

Our next iterations will be aimed to:
1. Clustering the work of the entire network;
2. Horizontal scalability, that will increase the speed of transactions;
It can be done by increasing the nodes in the second level of the network.
3. Improve self-regulation system.

All updates will take place in the testnet, based on work of real delegates. As was mentioned before, all delegates, participating in the testnet, will receive the same rewards as they could forge in the main network. Specific launch dates for the testnet will be described later.

The iteration "Photon" will include:
1. Hybrid work in 2 languages: “GO” + “JavaScript” . You can find updates for “GO” here:
2. Hybrid Database.
3. The second level of the network will be deployed to increase TPS. The architecture will be presented later.

3) Coming Soon: Updating Android Wallets + Updating the Website + RoadMap.

Best regards,
BitWhite team

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