BTW Army! Voting on CryptalDash exchange (Phase 4)


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We are happy to announce that we are participating in new Phase. Now opening Phase 4 (ending on May 28).
We are glad to continue cooperate with the CryptalDash exchange.


YOU CAN VOTE ONLY ONCE. We dont need dirty play.

1) Go to - (Necessarily use ref link for vote to get add points (+100);

2) Find BitWhite (BTW) and press button VOTE, then:
- Sign up (20 points)
- Approve your e-mail, CryptalDash send you confirmation link. Necessarily confirm link, you will receive +100 points (total 120 points), like refferal;

3) Share ref link to your friends to help collect more votes for BitWhite;

4) Buy CRD tokens on ICO to receive more points for vote (buy in VOTE button). ICO price 0.0225$ per 1 CRD, when you buy, you can receive 43.75% BONUS.

"Grow, support our coin in getting listed! Vote now!"
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