BTW Developer Remains Masked In New Project!

One of BTW core developers (The soviet of 12), Mr, Black has appeared as the only anonymous member of a new promising blockchain project. The BTW developer has been recruited as a consultant to help share part of his expertise as a developer in blockchain technology with the new project, in his spare time. Mr black remains an active and core development member of the BTW project and has retained the status of all Bitwhite developers, to remain in the shadows.

Despite being listed as an adviser in a project where all other members of the project team are unmasked, Mr Black has maintained the BTW value, shared with fellow core BTW developers of remaining masked. BTW developers have continued to maintain their believe that anonymity is the core value of the crypto community and demonstrate that in cryptography, the cult of personality is the enemy of the blockchain technology. After the release of the IBOE update last week, silencing the haters of the project who labelled it scam without any valid evidence, the listing of Mr Black, who still remain masked, even on another project, confirms that BTW devs are real despite being anonymous!

The project and Mr Black's listing can be confirmed on the link: BTW2.jpg


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