News BTW Family! News! 24.09.18

Hello friends!:)


1) We are on track with implementation of 'Photon' iteration. Testing of the first part of protocol is going to be started next month. Be aware, that this is preliminary date and we are doing all the best from our side.

2) Currently, we also help one separate project that will take part in the BitWhite ecosystem in the future. So, actually we are involved in 2 parallel development, tha's why the update of the Photon on the Github occurs not every hour :)

3) Web site will be updated along with the Android application. New design is already done, completeness of Android app is about 80%

4) We are in touch with the Mercatox Exchange. They they are performing the tests of integration with BTW, but they found the security problems on their platform, and they are asking for time to solve these issues

5) Sistemkoin exchanges very rarely respond, maybe if community start to write them as well, they will be more active. this is just idea, not a recommendation.

Best regards,
BitWhite team

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