News BTW LEGION! NEWS! 02.07.18.

Greetings all! :)


1) Consensus updating in the transition process, some errors were found that could not be detected in the TestNet, we are now correcting them, (DPOS - it’s DPOS, have patience) 73 system nodes have been already removed, delegates took their places. We will decentralize the network as soon as possible.
After the stable operation of the entire network, we will write a whole article about how the development was going and what we were faced with.

- All Candidates come to this group: @btw_delegates
- 12 system delegates will stay for core team
- Do not use exchanges until finally the network passes into the hands of delegates. We will warn when it will be possible

2) Local Chats:
- 2 BTW CORPS - eliminated
- Asia Hub - eliminated
- Kenya + Nigeria local chats - eliminated, they all will stay in Africa Hub

3) Bonuses for administrators - will be sent out after network updates

4) A member of our BTW family prepares for sports competitions! He will participate in the support of BTW, and dressed in our colors, let's support him! @ejrm889 We wish you to win and take the first places, BTW Legion with you Jose! We expect from you photos and videos from the competition! #Jose #№1 !

Reminder: We announce additional set for Representatives.

Their mission is the development of BTW in own country or region.

Main responsibilities of representatives:
1. Advance and protect the interests of the entire BTW community on their region.
2. Develop and supervise a local BTW community.
3. Conduct the necessary negotiations, for example with funds, stock exchanges, investors, companies, private person, government agencies and all the others who will be interested in working with the BitWhite project and using BTW.
4. Promote the use of BTW.
5. Publicly speak at various conferences and Mitapahs.

Here is the form for Represantative request:

External Devs request:

Admins request:

Our official Bitcointalk thread:

Reminder: Documentation. Delegates + FAQ:

Main corps:
BTW Corp 1: @BTW_Community
Please speak only English in BTW Corps!

BTW Tech Support: @BTW_support

Local Chats:
العربية (Arabic) -
Africa Hub -
Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) -
Español (Spanish) -
中文 (Chinese) -
Hrvatski (Croatian) -
Deutsch (German) -
Ελληνικά (Greek) -
עברית (Hebrew) -
Français (French) -
India Hub -
Italiano (Italian) -
日本語 (Japanese) -
Nederlands (Dutch) -
한국어 (Korean) -
Pilipinas (Philippines) -
Polski (Polish) -
Português (Portuguese) -
Русский (Russian) -
Română (Romanian) -
Skandinavisk (Scandinavian) -
Türkçe (Turkish) -
Việtnam (Vietnam) -

Best regards,
BitWhite team