News BTW Legion! News 13.06.18.

Hello guys! :)

* Technical Updates *

1. Consensus will be updated on Main net this Friday.
!Note: Beginning from Jun 15, don't perform any transaction a couple of days until we tell you. All delegates, please be ready by this time and
check that your nodes are running.

Description of Consensus New feature.
- The delegate rating will fall down, if the node stops working, by 0.01% every 101 blocks. The rating will be decreasing until inactive delegate
drops out of the top 101 list. Delegate can restore the work of the node and start creating blocks again, in such case rating will be increasing
by the similar way, + 0.01% every 101 bloks. Pay attention, that after dropping out from the top 101, delegate can be returned only by receiving
additional votes.

2. Added the minVersion parameter to disconnect the network from the old version in case of an update.

* Reminder of Consensus logic *

- 40% of the general delegate's income will go to the DAO Budget
- 60% of the general delegate's income will go to Delegate. Delegate will decide how to use them, he can share this profit between his candidates
(voters) at one's own discretion - how much BTW and to whom it will be send.
- The rate of the candidate's income depends on the weight of the candidate's vote
- The weight of the vote depends on the amount of BTW coins in the wallet

* Local groups reorganization *

- Africa Hub will be eliminated, all African countries will have their own local group.
- Asia Hub will be eliminated, all Asia countries will have their own local group.
- BitWhite corp2 will be eliminated, for now will be only one Main Corp.

* Representatives progress *

Meet the Representatives that will advance and protect the interests of the BTW community in their countries!
- Chris Butler - USA
- Daniel Muller - Norway
- Raizalyn Razo - Philippines
- Emmanuel Adams - Nigeria
- Erhan Gokalp - Turkey
- Zellagui Bilal - Algeria

We are continue to recruit new Representatives for other countries. All of them will be presented on the website. You can cooperate with them,
discuss general issues, give suggestions and help each other, because they are your local reps.

* Admins in local chats *

Meet the Admins that will keep order in local group, answer the questions, provide feedback from community to dev team!

- @Garrycat - Indonesia
- @AceMediaGroup - Nigeria
- @PVHbabu - India
- @Erchh - Philippines
- @Ellelooks - Nigeria
- @Z_y_v - Spanish
- @talhaunsal - Turkey
- @cryptowhit3 - Croatian
- @Allyjay - Kenya
- @nezbill19 - Arabic
- @DannyMT90 - Scandinavian
- @lcanaldomaxxorl - Portuguese
- @GlobalTrader07 - Philippines
- @Mdrag16 - Philippines
- @Fondago - German + Russian
- @BlankWu - Chinese
- @Bibop99 - Vietnam
- @Possum51 - BitcoinTalk

Respect administrators, communicate with them and provide your suggestions.

* Additional set to BTW legion *

1. We announce additional set for Representatives.
Their mission is the development of BTW in their own country or region.

Main responsibilities of representatives:
1. Advance and protect the interests of the entire BTW community on their region.
2. Develop and supervise a local BTW community.
3. Conduct the necessary negotiations, for example with funds, stock exchanges, investors, companies, private person, government agencies and all
the others who will be interested in working with the BitWhite project and using BTW.
4. Promote the use of BTW.
5. Publicly speak at various conferences and Mitapahs.

Form for Represantative request:

2. We still looking for external developers.
Form for External Devs request:

3. We still looking for admins in local groups
Hrvatski (Croatian)
Deutsch (German)
Ελληνικά (Greek)
Italiano (Italian)
日本語 (Japanese)
Nederlands (Dutch)
한국어 (Korean)
Polski (Polish)
Română (Romanian)
Română (Romanian)

Please contact @Muviton777 directly.

* Reminder *
Our official Bitcointalk thread:

Documentation. Delegates + FAQ:

Telegram groups.
Main corp: BTW Corp 1, @BTW_Community
Please speak only English in BTW Corp!

BTW Tech Support: @BTW_support

Local Chats:
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Africa Hub -
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中文 (Chinese) -
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