BTW Own Chain Exchange (like etherdelta of ethereum chain)

Hello BTW Community

Another Idea another benefit!!

First, lets look at what Ethereum did to it own sidechain! Etheruem provide a simple, cheap and easy token listing exchange to any token create under it which help, simplify and attract alot of developers to build on its chain.. This reason help ethereum to where it was today because of the hundreds of projects created under Eth network...

I think btw team should develop an exchange that will help developers to easily listing there tokens created under btw sidechain because that will attract alot to btw chain, due to how its tokens are listing on external exchange with ease, in small time and also with low cost.

I am not talking about internal exchange or ordinary/commercial external exchange, I am talking about BTW OWN SIDE CHAIN EXCHANGE, to only projects under BTW side chain..

  • my reason here is; as I read btw white paper it seems to me that to build or develop a project under btw sidechain is not a big deal, there must be a huge projects here so lets create a place where that projects will be launch in no time.

I hope BTW team and the whole community will consider this and vote for it.
let see your comments and likes below.

Thanks to btw team and the whole community