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The node is currently stopped. This is due to the fact that only system delegates are currently engaged in forging.
In the future, the characteristics of the server will be selected, based on requirements from the developers.
Payments will be made, even if the node does not participate in forging. In the form of a Bonus. That was done in August.
A minimum of 1000 BTW will be distributed among followers monthly, in accordance with the power of voice.
The minimum reward is 1 BTW.
If the reward is less than 1 BTW, then in this case, the reward is fixed in the table and will be added to the next month's reward.
Payments are made in proportion to the weight of the wallet.
I reserve the right, at any time to change the terms of payment of the award.
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Tomorrow I will make a small dispatch of coins. In the form of a Bonus.
To whom, how many, see the table.
If there are comments, write, we will correct.