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Hello dear BTW delegates and Holders!

BTW Delegate | brand

My server:
⭐️ Protection against DDoS attacks

⭐️ Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit
⭐️ CPU - 2 cores of Intel Xeon 3.3-3.7 GHz
⭐️ Memory - 2 GB RAM
⭐️ SSD - 25 GB hard drive
⭐️ Internet channel - 100 Mbps
⭐️ Location - France.

Payments for voters
⭐️ 100% for the first month (Paid, report below)
⭐️ 50% second and third month (Payment will be for 2 months immediately)
⭐️ Next 30% next months.

After the first month of forging, 100% payment was made, and commissions were paid out of own funds and the minimum payment was increased to 1 btw as a share (even if 0.5 btц was assumed)
In the next 2 months there will be a payment of 50% of the funds received from forging.
All subsequent months - 30%.
All payments are calculated based on the strength of the voice of the wallet, as a percentage. That is - the more funds on the wallet, the greater the power of the voice of this wallet and the more payments it will receive this wallet.


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