Discount System with Freezed Funds

The problem:
The essence is that since the delegates receive a passive income, they will accordingly want to withdraw part of the funds for promotion and for their personal expenses. This process is permanent. With a certain periodicity, delegates are forced to sell part of their assets, thereby affecting the overall rate of the asset.
I propose to introduce a discount system with freezed funds, which should help solve this problem.

A delegate wants to sell a part of his assets and expose them at a discount (10-15%) of the total market value and he does it directly in the BitcoinWhite platform.
  • Question: Why should he sell part of assets cheaper by 10-15%?
    The answer:
    The delegate is interested in supporting the platform. Means exposed on the discount will not be fixed by coinmarketcap or other services. This is a good chance for the delegate to let the community understand that it is worthwhile to vote for him. For the community this is a good chance to snatch BTW at a pleasant price. You can also enter the scoring system (white points?) which also affect your weight as a delegate.
  • Question: But will not lucky people who bought BTW at a discount immediately sell them on the exchange?
    The answer:
    They will. That's why it is worthwhile to introduce a freeze for a while (for example for a month) on some amount of the asset, which was bought for a discount. Purchased by discount BTW will hold on your own xtra address for freezed coins only. After freezing, all funds are sent to your main address.
It also makes sense to limit the amount of discount to prevent competition with exchanges. (for example 2000 coins per month for each delegate). We must remember that this is only a bonus, not a full-fledged trading operation.
At the same time, the amount of discount and limits should be flexible. So that they can be easily customized for different economic backgrounds

We have a system in which everyone stays in a win. Both the delegates and the community as a whole.
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I see some points of you. But could you clarify more a little bit via examples?

*Thanks for forum thread
For example, for a month I confirmed the blocks and wanted to withdraw some of the funds to promote myself as a delegate, the system as a whole, and simply for my personal needs. I can sell a part on the stock exchange BUT then I will affect the price for the worse and without knowing it I can create an unfavorable situation for the price as a whole.
Therefore, I decide to sell part of the funds with a discount of 10-15% to the community.
As soon as I did, I immediately received at least 3 pluses:
1) my sale did not affect the price of BTW.
2) I am heating up the interest of the community. because I'm sure there will be people who want to buy this coin, especially with a discount from the delegate.
3) So I promote myself as a delegate, saying that I can easily sell a certain amount of BTW with a good discount to the community.
However, so that people do not immediately sell these coins I suggest placing them on a separate address, which you can watch in your wallet. It will store the discount funds for a while (for example, a month), after which the funds are defrosted and automatically sent to the main address. Win!
And It will be even more interesting if the delegate can choose his own discount rate.
I'm sure this will be one of the killer features of this project!
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