How To Easily Vote On Mercatox Using BTW

Hi guys, maybe this is the first time I have created a post in here. I am sure many of us here want BitWhite to be listed on big exchanges like Mercatox, as it is good not only for the image of Bitwhite but also to increase its price value. :D

However, maybe some of you don't know yet how to vote on Mercatox or think that it is too hassle.

But in this tutorial, I will teach you how to vote on Mercatox with ease, by using your BTW :)
It will only take you 10-15 minutes and that's it you're done!

First of all, you should understand that creating an account on Mercatox is not enough to vote.

You also have to...

1. Deposit any coins that already available on their Platform. (I suggest Doge)
2. Make a trade at least one. (Buy or Sell)

Now, that looks like kinda hassle... but you can do that in just 10-15 minutes or even less, by just following this tutorial. Now Let's go! :)

1. Create an account on StockExchange
If you already have one. That's better, it will save you more time! :)

2. Send 10 BTW (or more) to your BTW wallet address on StockExchange.

3. Sell Your BTW to BTC, Buy Doge from StockExchange using your BTC, then send the Doge that you bought to your Mercatox Doge Address.

Why Doge? Because it is very cheap and fast. You can transfer and receive your doge balance from StockExchange to Mercatox in just a minute :) BTC is very congested right now. It may take hours or even days before you receive your transferred balance.

4. Once you received your Doge Balance from StockExchange. You can now trade on Mercatox. Just simply sell your Doge to BTC. And that's it! You're ready to go :)

5. You can now go to BitWhite's vote link then VOTE :)
As simple as that. If you are fast you can do it in 5 minutes, but I did it for 10 minutes.

But of course, not all of us here know how to buy and sell on trading sites. Some of you are newbies. Or have no experience to trade yet. So I prepared images with step by step instructions to guide you :)

After you created an account on StockExchange.
Click this icon in the Left corner of the site

Click Manage

Search BTW (CTRL+F) and then Click Deposit to generate your StockExchange BTW Address

Copy your StockExchange BTW Address.

Open your BTW Wallet client (Desktop Wallet, Mainnet Wallet, or Android Wallet) but in this tutorial I'm using Mainnet Wallet, then send 10 BTW or more, it will only take 3-5 minutes to reflect into your StockExchange BTW Wallet.
Click Transfer

Once you received your transferred BTW, you can now go to StockExchange and Sell your transferred BTW to BTC first

and then buy DOGE with your BTC.

You already have DOGE on your StockExchange DOGE Wallet, you can now transfer it to Mercatox.

But, let's go to Mercatox First and get your Doge Wallet Address :)
Here is the Mercatox Wallet Homepage. and click DEPOSIT button to see your Mercatox DOGE wallet address.

You got your Mercatox DOGE Wallet Address, now it's time for sending your DOGE.
But Don't forget to Double check your entries, and then click WITHDRAW :)

Once you got your DOGE from StockExchange. You can now trade or sell your DOGE into BTC on Mercatox to Eligible Vote on Mercatox

And it's all done. We are now ready to Vote. Let's go to BitWhite's Vote Link :)

TADAAH! Done Voting :)
Fast and Smooth. With no hassle :)

There you go. I hope my tutorial helps some of you, especially the (newbies) first timers on trading.
Thanks! :)