In the NFL it is nearly impossible to not have a terrible contract

With the price of new contracts increasing every year these days it makes it hard to negotiate and still retain/obtain talented players.There are many cases where an up-and-coming star will land a large "star player" market value contract only to be outperformed by a second year player on a very generous rookie contract. Injuries are an unstoppable beast in professional sports and especially in the NFL. Other times a "star" player is signed to a market value contract Sheldrick Redwine Jersey , but misses 30 of the next 32 games because of injury.These are mainly the players/contracts that have made the list and we picked one player from every team that has a terrible contract for the 2015 season. Our list consists of talented players, less than average players, injury plagued players and some players that are simply adored by their team (Larry Fitzgerald.....) A bad contract doesn't necessarily mean a bad player Austin Seibert Jersey , it may just mean the contract simply exceeds the value of the player.Unfortunately, there are too many bad contracts out there to fit them all on our list and we know we missed some. Please feel free to comment below with anyone we missed or your thoughts. I have broke the list down to each division starting with the AFC and finishing with the NFC to try and keep it simple. Since it’s that time of the year you know you’re all going to “regift” those tacky items you got from co-workers and casual acquaintances, it seemed the fitting time for a “re-draft” of the NFL’s top picks in 2016. Quarterbacks were the primary focus of the ‘16 Draft Trysten Hill Jersey , but what has transpired between last April and now in late December would certainly have NFL coaches and GMs reconsidering which signal callers to choose.These are picks with the “20/20 is hindsight” perspective of who these NFL teams could have chosen to perhaps have had a more successful season--or at least the promise of a brighter future. Looking back after one year, it seems the Cowboys were the big winners of the 2016 draft, as they managed to take not one Connor McGovern Jersey , but two elite rookies in Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, who look like they will be the foundation of the Cowboys for years to come.Compiling a re-drafting list such as this is a combination of considering the rookies who are rating out as having the best seasons thus far, as well as the needs of the teams as the season has unfolded. Some of the choices may be provocative Foster Moreau Jersey , but as this is a “re-draft”, there is no need to be timid!