It’s hard to rank them since a lot of the receivers

Thanks to shows like The League Johnathan Abram Jersey , whenever you see a white wide receiver, you typically think that the guy is “scrappy” or “a real gym rat.” When you look around the league, there really aren’t that many (maybe just over a dozen or so) that have a big impact on the league. Even the thought of growing up wanting to be a wide receiver as a white kid seems a bit far-fetched.Throughout the history of the league Maxx Crosby Jersey , there has been a lot of white wide receivers, even if the number has dropped dramatically in the past couple of decades. But which ones stand out among the best of the best?played in a time where passing wasn’t as prevalent.Still, we wanted to give it a shot anyway and see how they stack up against the best of the best. Here is our list of the 15 greatest white wide receivers in NFL history. It is widely accepted Foster Moreau Jersey , as well as highly inarguable, that the starting quarterback is the most important player on any given football team. Games are won with points, points are accumulated with touchdowns and touchdowns are often products of precision passing. Since pass completion is essential to victory Joey Bosa Jersey , it is understandable to see why every team desires an outstanding quarterback. A quarterback leads the offensive line on every play that he participates in; however, this gargantuan amount of responsibility does not come without a hefty monetary compensation during each season in the National Football League.Starting quarterbacks are on average the highest paid athletes on any NFL team, some making up just over 20% of their team’s salary cap. This goes to show every team’s willingness to provide the proper incentive and investment into the right individual to lead the way to victory Tony Pollard Jersey , down after down and season after season.Every quarterback looks to maximize their earnings when it comes time to sign contracts before the preseason begins. Many of the greatest quarterbacks have even managed to accumulate total salary figures well beyond the $100 million mark in their active careers. Some would even suggest that a quarterback is a clear representation of “The American Dream” and it doesn’t get any more American then the National Football League.So with all these lumps of cash being distributed season after season, which quarterback has collected the most wealth? Well let us now find out. Here is a look into the Top 15 Highest Earning NFL Quarterbacks of All Time, a list recognizing some of the greatest quarterbacks to ever grace the gridiron with their talents Noah Fant Jersey , and be handsomely rewarded for such services to their teams.Due to money not always being disclosed for endorsement deals and other side revenue players have, we'll be sticking with the highest earners based on what they made from actually playing the position.