Updates Network Updates! 15.06.18.


Network Updates:

The update is downloaded to GitHub. All candidates for delegates - download updates and start synchronization.

How will the update take place?
- Delegates prepare their nodes (they synchronize and are ready to receive the entire network, synchronization will take 1.5-2 days)
- After synchronization, 30 system delegates will be disconnected at once - their delegates will take their place.
- If all delegates are active and ready to accept the network, the following system delegates will be disconnected for 10-20 per day.
- Remember! The first week in the main network, during updates and after updates, consider the test, do not transfer large amounts during the first week.
- In the case of force majeure, the entire network will be backed up by 907 888 block

- There must be at least 70 candidates synchronized with the network by Monday
- All Candidates come to this group in Telegram: @btw_delegates

Best regards,
BitWhite team

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