Node Time Error

Hello Dev. After yesterday's maintenance (Feb 13, 2018), my node did not move at block 399285. I've already started from the beginning basically syncing again from the start but when it gets to that block, it displays that error again. Is this currently an expected behavior? I am using BTWChain1.0.5 version for Windows and here is the error.

error [dateTime] [folderLocation]\src\core\blocks.js:[randomNumber] Block [blockIDIthink] is not valid, ban 60 min


PS: My telegram account @crypto_titus got banned not sure why so I am going to post it here. Hopefully you can unblock my telegram account. I am one of the active followers of BTW since; my Twitter is full of BTW related twits and been preaching it anywhere i trade and even open it up to a lot of friends and made them buy. Anyway i hope to get the banned lifted. Thanks!