Set of testers for updates of consensus.

1) I'm high-skill tester. I have node in BTW "vasbtw". My node of BTW on VPS works 30s day
Always ready to help this project.
2) @vasylz
1)Thanks BTW team for huge opportunity
my VPS working very well,i have whole knowledge and i am ready for every challenge.i know BTW is huge project and i would like to work with BTW huge project.
all the best team
1) Hello community! I am an amateur programmer with some skills of node handling(have 6 different nodes). Can use it in test.
Also interested in Java.
2) @chilleve


New Member
1) My node (mila) forging enabled now running on VPS non stop 24/7 more then a month.
I have been supporting the project from the beginning. Ready and love to learn. Give me a chance and I will deliver.

2) @Puma80


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1. I am a person love to learn new things, I have some skills on programming. I am running my node on Linux Virtual Box on my Mac since last one month. I provide assistance in bug finding and testing the network issues..
2. @mayurisona