I want to believe that staking is the altimate move that will help btw to really go a long way.

The reason why I say it is that staking remains the only viable way to make impact in the growth of this decentralised economy without centralising it.

Staking will help the dev team have a direct impact in skyrocketing the price when it hits the market and at the same time not force stakeholders to report their coins back as it is in cases like lending.

When people know that they stand to gain more when they hold the coins they will be motivated to do so. The people that gets involved the more holders we create.

I do not support the staking of free coins either. Let the minimum staking quantity start from 3,000btw. That way only those who invested can actually stake. This way we may have brother abd frends who will merge just to be able to meet up the mark. In the end we are raising more holders. The profit for holders is not measurable. When u realise that u stake 3,000 coins at the rate of $0.5 per coin and at the end of the month u have extra coins and the value of the coins would have risen astronomically. This will be huge for investors. Bottom line, one cannot be rewarded for Keeping free gift. Rather we make them become buyers as well to be able to stake.

The principle of staking states that the more stakers grow in number the less amount of coins u get. That's said, if I have 3,000 coins and another has 30,000 coins the rewords will automatically not be the same. The most important thing is that even those who have coins already will be wanting to buy more to stake more or even to meet up with the benchmark. This will totally take out millions of coins from the market. This is the only way I know that will not course centralism. With a wallet system from the very beginning that means that the btw team is particular about decentralisation.

The basic goal is to create more buyers than sellers. That way we will never see btw go down in value.

Tochinedu: my humble opinion!