Upcoming exchange proposals

As a participant in the bitcoinwhite project, i would like to see the coin listed on the following exchanges -
1. Bittrex
2. HitBtc
3. Coinexchange.io
4. Livecoin.net
5. Poloneix
What other choices do you prefer? Do comment ;)


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Agree with Cryptoclub:


Dear devs, if you would like to also take under consideration local exchandes it might be also good idea, for example i'm using my local exchange most of the time because fx rate. It's jus suggestion for future expansion. But above three for sure have big impact for whole market and have good liquidity.

All of us here are saying BITTREX, POLONIEX and BINANCE.
and to be listed there is not a days job, it takes time and money to be there.

lets contribute to ico first, so that the team will have enough cash to apply there.