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We are happy to welcome you here!
And we would like to share with you the outcome of that huge job which was done for creating Bitcoin White project.
We used all advantages of BTC and ETH and eliminated their shortcomings to create new ecosystem for DAPP and traditional web applications.
Using BTW you will be able to make a translation anywhere in the world without any delay, quickly and conveniently exchange the currency you need and take it out. We can achieve this result together by uniting our efforts!

The Main problems of the BIG cryptocurrency

The modern world needs to get rid of Fiat currency. With this purpose the great Bitcoin\ETH, and others were created. But the further the technical progress goes, the more new technologies appear that are better, faster, more easier to use than the previous ones. Bitcoin has a significant problem, the network is constantly overloaded with a large volume of transactions, despite the endless forks and segwits, the urgency of the problem is growing. ETH also has a big problem that any technologically experienced person sees. The ideology of the crypto-currency is decentralization. In ETH it is absent.


We take the best from both BTC and ETH, and we will get – BTW.

Plans for development and scaling

We are different from the set of projects, our system and the token are start from scratch. In addition, the technology of transactions is superior in speed to other opponents. When we were creating the system, the history of Internet creation and FDDI technology inspired us. We also created BYZANTINE FAULT TOLERANCE;In aggregate, they give a significant increase to the speed of processing transactions

BitcoinWhite is a new word in the industry of crypto-currency!

Of course, we did not forget about the additional protection of the side chain. On each Bitcoin White node installed on more than one sidechain subsystem, and the owner of Bitcoin. To achieve this aim, a security mechanism is necessary. It is a sandbox mechanism provided by BitcoinWhite that can prevent sidechain code stealing the owner's information and causing damage to the server.

Feature of the BTW wallet

After ICO we plan to implement SmartSending, suitable for people who want to distribute funds for their needs, for different wallets, for payment various subscriptions for the common account (be it a friend or business partner) and dividing the accumulated funds together, without the threat of deception.

Here is one example of using the algorithm:

There are can be hundreds sequences and algorithms, startin from simple once (represented in the diagram), and ending with very complex and multilevel conditions, with the creation of circumstances in which the date or time is used in several countries at once. Moreover, the most interesting, you do not need to pay extra for execution of algorithms, since everything is done directly on the user side.

About AirDrop, tokens and ICO

Algorithm: Dpos
Symbol: BTW
Block reward: 3 BTW
Block time: 20 seconds

The rewards will be active for delegates after the 464,500 block

  • Reward | initial height | end height
  • 3 | 46450 | 3464500
  • 3 | 3464500 | 6464500
  • 2.5 | 6464500 | 9464500
  • 2 | 9464500 | 12464500
  • 1 | 12464500 | 15464500
  • 0.5 | 15464500 —
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